Test Drive Tuesday

User testing is super, super important.


Nielsen Norman Group research found that just five test-users can find 85% of usability issues with a test product. Following the Design Sprint Book framework you can define a problem and build a testable product in only five days – and testing only takes one of those days! User testing provides phenomenal return on investment.


Yet I’ve seen too many bootstrapping start-ups fail to allow the time, budget and mental space to make user testing part of their product roadmap. I’ve done it myself.


Working in the Stone & Chalk Adelaide hub I’m surrounded by a lot of start-up and scale-up businesses, and I’d like to see them succeed. I thought that if they can’t/won’t go out and arrange user testing, perhaps I can bring user testing to them. And Test Drive Tuesday was born.


“Test Drive Tuesday provided us great feedback on how users think when going through our onboarding process. We love it.” – Robin, Founder


Test Drive Tuesday takes the key principles of user testing and condenses them into a 30 minute, ‘bite-sized’ taste of user testing that removes the financial and time costs  to the product owner, yet still provides actionable insights into their product.


“Test Drive Tuesday was an excellent experience for our team… we got feedback from the users, we found out how they will use it and how we can make it easier for them” – Sam, Founder


It works on a pay-it-forward model so testing is free for S&C residents. We’ll run a test for you, all we ask is you be a tester for someone else and encourage your networks to test their damn product!

Simple, and effective.


Would you like a copy of the full Test Drive Tuesday guide? Would you like to try the Test Drive Tuesday formula in your co-working space? Send me a message and let’s talk!

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