Makers Empire

Makers Empire is the world’s most fun and easy to use 3D design program. It is used by teachers and students world-wide to create around 100,000 designs every day. We give children the tools and platform to express their ideas, build their creative confidence and develop critical design thinking skills.


As Director of User Experience, and more recently Director of Customer Success, I am able to both use and share the principles of human-centred design daily.


“At Makers Empire our vision is that every child is empowered to become a creator, innovator and problem solver, so they can make their world better.”


Designing for children, especially designing an educational product, is a unique and rewarding challenge. My absolute favourite thing is being out in schools, seeing children excited to learn and empowered to create. Working with teachers and students, learning from them and testing our product is a constant reminder why we should never, ever, assume that we know how our users will react.

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